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Cultural Policy Publications

Rod Fisher has written, researched, edited or co-authored 25 published books, reports and directories, as well some 90 articles in books and journals. Titles include:


Cultural Policy at European level: from Contested Area to one of Qualified Acceptance – European Union intervention in culture.


In Pursuit of Cultural Dialogue – A short and incomplete history of the European Cultural Foundation UK.


“Culture: An essential policy component to enhance the EU’s external relations” in 50/20 -Sketches and essays to mark 20 years of the International Cultural Centre, Krakow, IIC.


Co-author (with Christopher Gordon) of “Governance of culture in the UK” in Economia della Cultura, vol XX, 2, Bologna, Il Mulino.


Training in Transnational Cultural Co-operation Projects- Reflections and Challenges on Validation and Certification ed. (with Dr E. Karpodini-Dimitriadi) Brussels,

A Cultural Dimension to the EU’s External Policies –from policy statements to practice and potential, LabforCulture & Boekmanstichting, Amsterdam.

2005 Developing New Instruments to Meet Cultural Policy Challenges, Asia-Europe Foundation, Ministry of Educatio & Culture, Thailand & Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok.
2004 An International Evaluation of the Finnish System of Arts Councils (with T. Adams & P Ahonen) Ministry of Education, Finland.
2001 Culture and Civil Society: New relationships with the Third sector (with R. Fox), Council of Europe, Strasbourg.
1999 A comparative study of levels of arts expenditure in selected countries and regions, Arts Council Ireland, Dublin.
1998 International data on public spending on the arts in eleven countries (with A. Feist, C. Gordon, C. Morgan & J. O’Brien), Arts Council of England, London.
1997 New Frontiers for Employment in Europe: The Heritage, Arts and Communication as a Laboratory for Ideas (ed. With C. Bodo), Associazione Economia per la Cultura & CIRCLE, Rome.
1995 Harmony or Confusion for Culture in Europe? The impact of the Single Market and Maastricht (ed. With C. Bodo), Government of Italy & CIRCLE, Rome.
1994 Human Rights and Cultural Policies in a Changing Europe – The Right to Participate in Cultural Life (ed. with B. Groomsbridge, J. Hausermann & R. Mitchell), Arts Council of Finland and CIRCLE, Helsinki.

1993: The Challenge for the Arts – Reflections on British Culture in Europe in the Context of the Single Market and Maastricht, Arts Council of Great Britain, London.

Arts Networking in Europe, Arts Council of Great Britain, London.

1991 The Performing Arts Yearbook for Europe 1991 (ed .with M. Huber) 1st edition, Arts Publishing International, London.