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International Expertise in Cultural Policies

Rod Fisher specialises in cultural policy related research, consultancy and training with an international dimension. He is widely acknowledged as an expert in this field and is available for selected lecturing engagements, conference presentations and commissioned research and advice.

Cultural Policy Expertise in Higher Education and Training

Rod has considerable experience in delivering lectures and running modules for training and higher education institutions. His particular subject interests are comparative cultural policies in Europe and internationally, demystifying the European institutions and their role in culture, and in cultural relations/cultural diplomacy. His teaching is distinguished by the focus on the international dimension.

Cultural Policy Publications

Motivated in the 1980s by concerns about the lack of useful information with an international focus available to cultural practitioners, policymakers and students, Rod set about researching, compiling and producing a range of literature to fill the vacuum. Topics have included: cultural policies and structures in different countries; networking and cultural co-operation; sources of information and funding to facilitate transnational projects; cultural management training and employment; comparative government expenditure on culture; the cultural actions of the European Union, Council of Europe and UNESCO; and cultural rights. In recent years he has had an increasing interest in cultural relations/cultural diplomacy.

International Research, Consultancy and Advice on Cultural Policy

Pressure to reassess cultural policies in response to continuing and emerging challenges has stimulated a demand for research and consultancy to provide informed international comparisons and advice on new or alternative policy models and solutions. Governments, funding agencies, international organisations and foundations have commissioned Rod Fisher in his capacity as director of International Intelligence on Culture, and as an expert in his own right, to undertake a range of cultural research and consultancy projects.